summer 2017 themes

BEACH PARTY ~ May 30 - June 2 (closed Monday, May 29)
Schools Out and Surf's Up! Join us for our kick off week as we celebrate the beginning of summer at the beach, Adventure Camp style! Come play in the sand and soak up the sun as we fill the week with sand castle contests, beach ball volleyball, slip and slide Olympics and  a trip to Sulphur Waterpark plus much more! Make sure to pack your swimsuit, beach towel, flip flops and sunglasses and be ready to have fun!
Field Trip: SPAR - Thursday

AROUND THE WORLD ~ June 5 - June 9
Got your passport ready? Then join us for a trip around the world! We are setting sail on Adventure Camp cruise lines and going to see Egypt and the pyramids, Italy and the Coliseum, Hawaii and the volcanoes, Alaska and the frozen tundra, and dock back in New York where we can grab a cab and get ready to explore the big city!
Field Trip: Millennium Park - Tuesday
Field Trip: Chuck E. Cheese - Thursday

SCIENCE AND SPACE ~ June 12 - 16
Ready for some out of this world fun? Jump in our camp space ship and join us as we travel to space… the final frontier. Come ready to explore new planets, discover constellations, create crazy experiments, and play with alien beings.
Field Trip: Frasch Park - Tuesday
Field Trip: Children's Museum - Thursday

WILDERNESS 101 ~ June 19 - 23
Surviving in the outdoors takes resourcefulness, creativity and teamwork. Come learn some of the basics on how to survive in the wilderness and on deserted islands. Learn the basics of setting up camp, using directions and a compass, animals in the world and more… Then see if you have what it takes to win the Amazing Race! Join us as we study the wonders of nature, create our own trail-mix recipes, pan for gold, and even dig up dinosaurs. Join our island and see who will be the Survivor at the end of our week!
Field Trip:  Amazing Race - Monday
Field Trip: Creole Nature Trail - Tuesday
Field Trip: Gator Country - Thursday

Anyone up for Halloween in June? We are! Join us to celebrate a week of the creepiest and the scariest as we invite monsters, werewolves, vampires and every other creepy, crawly monster out there. Come as your favorite creature so we can Monster Mash all week! 
Field Trip: Skate City / Jump Cit - TuesdayField Trip: Skate City / Jump Cit  - Tuesday
Field Trip: McMurry Park - Thursday

ARMED FORCES ~ July 3 - July 7 (closed Tuesday, July 4)
Army! Navy! Air Force! Coast Guard! And the United States Marines! Salute to the armed forces by learning more about our great country and the great people that protect it. Join us for Adventure Camp Boot Camp this week. Obstacle courses, challenges, competitions, contests, and races to see who's going to come out on top!
Field Trip: Frasch Park - Wednesday
Field Trip: USS Orleck Battleship - Thursday

CHALLENGE WEEK ~ July 9 - July 14
Challenge yourself in competitions in everything from good old-fashioned kickball, to a rousing game of monkey soccer, capture the flag, and everything in between during Adventure Camp Olympics! Set the time for 60 seconds and see which team will be the "Minute to Win It" champions. Spend some time trying to navigate through our crazy, sometimes gooey, but always exciting obstacle courses. Get ready for the insanely stomach turning "Fear Factor" games. Which team will be the victors? Join us and find out, where team spirit and good sportsmanship are the ultimate goals. Tennis shoes and a change of clothes are a must this week.
Field Trip: Carlyss Park - Tuesday
Field Trip: Capture the Flag- Wednesday
Field Trip: The Quad - Thursday

WACKY WATERWORKS ~ July 17 - July 21
Welcome to the wettest week of summer! Wear your swimsuits and be prepared to get soaked! Water bucket brigade, slip 'n slides, and water balloons galore are just a taste of what to expect in the wildly wet, water-filled week. Take a break, cool off, and stay refreshed on the hottest days of summer. Water activities abound, so let's all get ready to make a splash!
Field Trip: Center Circle Pool - Tuesday
Field Trip: SPAR - Thursday

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE ~ July 24 - July 28
Did you hear that? It's the call of the wild beckoning you to camp this week. Wild crafts and activities will excite campers to learn all about jungle life and what it may be like for the animals that live there.
Field Trip: Sam Houston Jones State Park - Tuesday
Field Trip: Putt-Putt - Thursday

LOST AT SEA ~ July 31 - August 4
Ahoy there matey! Time to host the sails and prepare for some rip roaring fun. Learn about the seas, the islands, and the jungle - then jump aboard as we scavenge the seven seas for the lost treasure. But be careful and hold on to your gold when the buccaneers come to visit. Then dig through your treasures at home for the perfect pirate costume to avoid walking the plank!
Field Trip: Prien Lake Park - Tuesday
Field Trip: Petro Bowl - Thursday

Step into the beach as we celebrate the final week of summer. Use your skills in sandcastle building, join in a hula hoop contest, and see how low can you go in a game of limbo. Try some water balloon volleyball and take a ride on the water slide. School starts next week, so let it all out…twist and shout dance party!
Field Trip: Center Circle Pool - Tuesday
Field Trip: SPAR - Thursday