Appletree Kids is a 2 star quality child care program and preschool for children 6 weeks to 5 years old. 

After moving to the Sulphur area, I was heartbroken that I had to leave my previous daycare that I had grown comfortable with over the last 5 years. I was nervous about choosing another facility that would provide the same great care and benefits that I was used to my children receiving. Appletree Kids has exceeded my expectations. My 3 year old was comfortable immediately with the staff. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. My 8 year old attends on school holidays and absolutely loves it. He looks forward to coming here on his days off. Not only do my children receive great care, but Appletree offers so many other services that other daycares do not. Recently they had a “date night”. We have no family around here and so finding the time to go out together is always a challenge for my husband and me because we don’t have a babysitter. I think the date night is a really great thing that they are doing. I am very happy that I chose Appletree.
— Erin Rhoads, Mother to Caeden and Gavin