Doing it ourselves is something we take pride in. It follows us to adulthood from when we were wee-little children. I cannot even count the number of websites dedicated to Do-It-Yourself projects but I know they definitely have a special way of making me feel like the most crafty, creative, artistic person alive! After all, who thought of looking it up? ME! I did. That makes ME the crafty one. Right?

Well, the person (I envy) who made the post is also creative, I guess… Sure.
(Nevertheless, don’t forget that I looked it up without help!)

They make me feel like I can very easily re-create all their posts. In my head, I KNOW I can. I just have to follow picture-for-picture and videos minute-by-minute.
They leave a few things out sometimes though. Just some things you probably need. Okay, you WILL need.


  1. You will not have all the materials.
    - If you’re new to DIY-land, chances are you won’t have the things they require to complete a project. I’m new to this. I don’t have a sewing kit. I don’t sew! “I thought staples would work” is becoming a motto. You probably don’t have hodge-podge hanging out around the house either, if I had to guess. Just be sure to take a good look at the project you’re going to be doing and cross your fingers for a simple, noticeable materials list.
  2. It won’t look the same.
    I digress… a little. It may look the same. Or similar. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. That alone can be discouraging. The person who created/blogged about it may have done it a zillion times before it came out good enough to post. Moreover, you and I both know the power of cameras!
  3. It will take double the time they say… at least.
    Posts may say cute things like “5 Minute Hair DIY” or “5 Minute Party DIY” but they’re totally lying. Nothing with this hair takes 5 minutes. Ever. How dare them! I would go ahead and schedule 10 minutes to make that party favor also. You’ll want it perfect and sometimes 5 minutes just doesn’t cut it.
  4. Every Mom has seen it.
    - DIY websites are so common these days (especially within the Mom community) that some things are just common knowledge now. Like, duh, who doesn’t know how to makes a mason jars into patio lanterns and a belt into a storage bin? Okay, I made the last one up, but you get the point. Some things just won’t be as impressive as intended. You just have to up the ante and search creatively to find some hidden DIY treasure.
  5. What happens after I DIY? (Or DIM, IDK)
     - After you, Do-It-Yourself you will have to CIY. Clean-It-Yourself. The hodge-podge mess you made using 13 brushes: CIY. The paint all over the floor, and table, and you: CIY. The infinite amount of twine you cut up to get it just the right length: CIY. The party décor that still hanging up and useless after one party because you’ll probably never throw a party again especially not with that theme: Yep, CIY.

I don’t say these things to discourage. No, of course not. Be creative. YOU think of things to look up! Don’t let me stop you. Be aware of what goes with it all though. Look for a list of materials so there aren’t 50 trips to the fabric store or Wally World to make a lantern. Have ample amount of time to re-create. Don’t do it in a rush. It will look better if you spend more time with it anyway. Remember to be creative in your searches. If you’re looking to impress people keep searching! SEARCH LIKE THE WIND! Lastly, and most realistic, you will have to CIY. Good luck DIY-ers. You’ll make it through!