C'mon, Kids! Let's get organized!
Who’s with me?... *crickets*

We have compiled a few tips (5 to be exact) to help raise a child with organization skills, with the hope he/she will benefit in the future from these learned fundamentals. Some children have a natural inclination to organization, some not so much. However, Every child is capable of learning! Now are you with me?

1) Be organized yourself!

Teach your kids by example. If you’re running around like a chicken with their head cut off, they see that. They learn that. Likely, you don’t want them to pick up those habits. You want them to be able to follow a schedule, be on time for events, and not stress to the max doing so. That’s why you’re reading this!

2) Don’t expect too much!

They are learning as they go. Cut them a little slack here and there. Have some clear, set expectations, but you don’t want to be a Drill Sergeant about everything. Don’t give the kiddos more than they can handle. After all, they are kids and they will make mistakes. Encourage, encourage, encourage!

3) Have an accessible calendar!

Let them see what’s coming up. Seeing the plans ahead of time and being able to process what’s coming up relieves unnecessary stress. For you and the kiddos! Get the family together every night for about 5 minutes just to discuss what is happening the next day. Doing so will allow your child to set out clothes for the next day and whatever else he/she may need. Small things make a big difference! Daily checklists are also a good idea.

4) Don’t do it for them!

Some things are just easier to do yourself because it’ll be done faster and correctly the first time. That doesn’t help your child though. They need to do it themselves and actively learn. You don’t want them to feel incompetent either. They can do it! They may have to do it several times and it may take double the time it should. Hey, why are we rushing? We planned this out, right?     

5) Everything has a home!

Teach your child that everything has a place. Whether they happened to find it there or not, it belongs somewhere! By example, once again, show them that you put things back in the appropriate spot when done using it. Set their rooms up with compartments/containers/bins/baskets. They will learn each toy has a spot and each article of clothing has a spot it belongs. Let them put toys/clothes away themselves in order to form the habit of doing so. Labels are great, too!

Did these tips help? Are you already doing these things? If so, great! Keep up the good work. You’re doing your child a favor.
Are you lacking in several of these areas? Don’t give up! You can start now. They’ll be thankful in the long run (whether they tell you so or not).
Let us know what else you think will help teach kids organization skills. 


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