It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Toys, tinsel, and traffic galore! 

But, what about tradition? 
Holidays are the best time to carry out traditions. 
Your holiday traditions may mean that you're from Louisiana and your family always made gumbo for Christmas lunch. Your parents or grandparents taught you, now it's your turn to teach your kids. Teach your kids all the culturally, traditional things that you were taught. Keep the tradition and culture ALIVE. You don't want that Louisiana tradition to die out. Teach your kids and give them a background story. Until one day, they can make it for their own family. 

Maybe you're Mexican-American, keep those Mexican traditions alive also! It's goes along the same basis. This goes for Irish, Canadian, Japanese.... everyone. Keep your culture's traditions alive. 

Yes, we also need to teach the real Reason for the Season. Jesus Christ's birth is the reason we gather on Christmas Day. Not for presents and all the extra goodies. 
Keep a giving spirit. Give to the less fortunate-- start a new tradition with it! 
There are so many way you can teach your children many important lessons through traditions. 

Have a ton of fun this Christmas holiday. Give 'til you can't give no more! 
Always remember the Reason for the Season, and keep traditions alive. 

Comment and let us know your age-old family traditions and what traditions you'll be starting this year with your family! We'd love some great ideas. (:


Also, your child may want to give Santa a call.... Try this out: