To begin, Happy New Year! We, at AKI, wish you a blessed 2015!

Did you know January is National Hobby Month? Do you have a hobby? After reading this you may decide you need one!

Hobbies aren't for people without jobs or anything else to do. Hobbies aren't just for the summer time. Hobbies aren't just for people without kids. Hobbies are for you. No matter what stage of life, season, or career. I have a few bits of information that may convince you to find a hobby.

Health benefits? Say what? Yep! According to only 20 minutes worth a hobby-time a week makes the person less likely to become fatigued, it is associated with lower waist circumference, lower body mass index, lower blood pressure, and overall better physcal functions!
Wow! I think that's enough convincing right there!

Hobbies have the power to reduce stress, increase physocological positivity, and sense of well-being. It can ward off depression as well according to!

There are several different types of hobbies one can have. No matter which you pick, it should serve as a stress reliever. Something like an allowed break time during the week.
You may need a hobby that disconnects you from the technological world. Especially if your career requires a lot of computer work already.
A physical activity is always a good option. Think about it: It's January. We all just made our "More Fit" resolution. Why not decrease you stress while you're at it?! Makes complete sense!

For Example: Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Yoga, Sewing, Kick Boxing, Cooking, Jewelry Making, Horseback riding, Photography, Writing, Piano, Gardening, Zumba, Tennis, Reading, Volunteer work, Scrapbooking, Pottery, Karate, Building...