Every season of the year provides great opportunities for families to have fun, learn about the world around them, and just spend time with each other. While summer is often the time most associated with doing outdoor activities, the cooler days of autumn offer some great outdoor things to do.

Celebrate the Harvest

For children raised in the city, or even in a smaller suburban area, getting out into the country and experiencing the harvest is an ideal way to learn more about where their food comes from.

In all areas of the United States, you will find farms that are open to visitors. They typically allow you to pick your own apples or pumpkins or harvest nuts right from the trees. Many of these farms also have activities you can take part in such as making apple cider, jam and jelly making, or even learning how to carve a pumpkin.

If you don't have the ability to get to the farm, why not let the farm come to you? Going to a local farmer's market in your community in the fall is an excellent time to find organically grown produce and vegetables as well as homemade preserves, pickles and local specialty items.

Outdoor Fun

Spending time just looking at the changes in natural is also a lot of fun. Plan a fall picnic at your local park and collect different fall leaves, look for migratory bird species, or try to spot all the differences as the seasons change.

Parents and kids can also build bird and squirrel feeders for the upcoming winter months. These can be made from recycled items around the home, or you can also buy kits at most hobby supply stores, hardware stores, and even toy stores.

The whole family can work together to get the yard ready for fall. Kids and parents alike can take part in raking the leaves, getting the plants ready for winter and preparing the gardens for the spring.

Don't forget to take in local Fall Festivals which include a range of family-based activities and events. As these are typically free they are a great way to spend a Saturday, and they are also very budget friendly.