Being a parent who also holds down a full time job can be a tough grind, and it is far from easy to keep it all together. One of the most important things a parent can do is forgive themselves for making the odd mistake; no one is, or can be, perfect.

One good tip is to get things ready the night before. Have the kitchen cleaned and breakfast already planned out and prepared, clothes laid out (for you and the kids), and make sure backpacks are ready and lunches have been made.

Another good tip is to make use of that most invaluable resource of the 21st century, the internet. You can make use of the internet to do your primary grocery shopping and arrange for it to be delivered, to pay the bills and wherever possible to set up automatic direct debit payments, and to ready product reviews to cut down on the time spent looking around shopping centers.

Finally, you should do your best not to bring work home with you. Turn off email notifications from work when at home and do not let work encroach on family dinners.