These days there are several social media accounts that kids as young as 10 years old have. They take pictures of trees, something they drew, and of course THEMSELVES. You (may have) heard of the Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, and Cenozoic Era. We are in the Selfie Era... with a sub-era of Take-a-Picture-of-Everything. We have cell phones that allow us to do so so effortlessly. I'm totally guilty of taking a picture of a pretty tree, cute dog, and sticky-notes I've written on in case I lose it. And yes, guilty for partaking of the "selfie". But I'm getting off topic! Our kids are now programmed to cue the smile as soon as someone pulls out a phone to possibly take a picture. And they all want to see the picture right after!! They can take pictures of themselves, we can take pictures of them doing things we deem to have sentimental value, and of outrageous things we just have to capture.

           Do we really need that school picture of them hugging a tree or the head shot with a plain background?
We don't even get the pictures we take printed for 15 cents a print (or whatever its costs). Why do we want to spend nearly $50 (or more) on a set of pictures we haven't seen. And to be honest, we probably forgot it was picture day so little Johnnie and Janie don't look too sharp. AND the camera guy chooses the picture! I want to choose the picture I can barely afford! 

          What's the point though? I can take a picture of my kid hugging a tree anytime and have it printed for a couple bucks.
What's the importance of school pictures? You know, maybe I'll spring to buy the smallest package with the 1 large picture. (That I'll probably take a picture of on my phone to send to family members to see, which will end up on Facebook or whatever, and possibly printed. I may just beat the system.) But the class picture is what I really want. We may live here the rest of their school career. It would be neat to look back to 2nd grade when the kids became friends with their now best friend. Who knows, maybe in the future one of their classmates will run for office or become famous! Maybe my kid will and I can pull out a class picture of her/him smiling then then silly picture and brag how cute she/he was! 

          School pictures may not need to be extinct, but maybe a different outlook is needed. I mean, the pictures are great quality. Maybe a new price tag is needed, camera guy! 

What do you think? Should school pictures be thrown out altogether? 
Comment below and let us know!