The U.S. government has decided to cut down on the amount of fluoride in water because some children are getting splotches of white on their teeth as a result of having too much. The decision marks the first alteration to the levels of fluoride in drinking water since cities were first urged by the U.S. government to put fluoride into their drinking water to stop tooth decay over half a century ago. These days fluoride can also be found in mouthwash, toothpaste, and various other products.

A study discovered that two out of every five teenagers had spottiness or streaking on their teeth, with Boris Lushniak, the Deputy Surgeon General, pointing out that the issue is largely just cosmetic.

Around seventy-five percent of Americans receive fluoridated water today, although the practice remains controversial with some who believe that it is a form of unwanted medication, and that the overall health effects of fluoride are still not fully understood.