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That's why we are the only child care center around to offer a "Happy Family Guarantee". Give us two weeks - if you aren't happy with our service for any reason, we'll refund those two week's tuition back to you. 

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I give this daycare a 5 Star approval. As a young mother, I need to have a daycare that works with my financial status as well as gives great care to my child. As for my child, she loves her daycare. She has developed so much since attending Appletree Kids. On her first birthday party she made the sign language for her Mimi to give her a drink. This made her grandma so ecstatic! My child is happy and content when I drop her off and pick her up. This says a lot to me about her caregivers. Appletree Kids gets my young mom approval. Thanks to all who give my child their love and attention.
— Sarah Clark, Mother to Kinsley

The purpose of AKI is to help children acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for school success.

The vision of AKI is to become the most loved, most enrolled, and most profitable child care centers in Calcasieu Parish.

AKI’s values begin and end with showing the children love, acceptance, and importance.

The mission of AKI is to support children’s need for love, acceptance, and importance by providing quality child care in a loving, fun, and safe environment that promotes social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.