We are the best early childhood program in the area and we only hire the best. 

We believe that behind every successful child care center is an excellent support system of Teachers and Team Members.

If you are a fun, out-going, multi-tasking, creative, dependable, energetic, knowledgeable, communicator, and rapport-builder that wants to help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE, then we are looking for YOU!

Negative people, gossipers, and whiners need not apply.

We are open 5:30am - 7pm, Monday - Friday,  and are always actively seeking qualified applicants that are available to work anytime, depending on the needs of the centers and are looking to commit to an Early Childhood Program for at least one year.

Knowledge of TS Gold and CLASS observations is a plus. Ability to implement available curriculum and add activities and lessons as needed in a necessity. We pride ourselves on offering a "Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee" and our teachers must be able to provide this. 

Qualifications for Assistant Teachers are, work hard, learn hard, be ready for a lot of training, and be available for whatever is needed - the goal should be to get the necessary experience and training to become a Lead Teacher.

what we believe in

#1 Glorify God

#2 Love Kids, Parents, & Staff

#3 Have Fun

#4 Use Integrity

#5 Make A Difference


Must be enthusiastic, fun, outgoing, energetic, able to hang outside without withering, able to keep up with the kids without running out of steam, and able to create an environment that the kids will WANT to come to each day.

Qualifications for Lead Teachers are, at minimum, CDA or Early Childhood Associates Degree - or enrolled in a program to complete within the first 12 months of employment.

Must be able to live our our core values - #1 Glorify God, #2 Love Kids, Parents, & Staff, #3 Have Fun, #4 Use Integrity, and above all #5 MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of everyone around you.

Hey Jen, I just wanted to share this with you. I see all the posts of the things you do for the parents and children, like donuts today for national donut day, and I think it’s amazing. Also, after having worked for you and then some others, the atmosphere and love shown at Appletree is amazing. I have not found anywhere to come within feet of being as great as you guys!!! The day cares here in Lafayette can’t even compete...keep up the good work and know that as a past employee, you all are missed.
— Jessica Conrad


If you are reading this, then you are considering employment with Appletree Kids, Inc. – congrats and hopefully, Welcome to the Team!

There are a lot of reasons why we are the best child care facility to work with – but here are the majority of the benefits in a nutshell…

 1.     More PTO than any other child care facility… yep, during your FIRST year, you will get 80 hours of PTO! After your second year, you will get 120 hours of PTO! That’s a lot of hours and a lot of days!

 2.     Retention Rewards… keep the kids in your classroom all school year and get up to $100 per kid! Wow, that could add up to a serious summer time cash pay out!

 3.     Occupancy Rewards… earn an extra $.25/hour up to an extra $1.00/hour when all of our classrooms are full, that could be an extra $40 a month – or an extra $160 a month!  YOU are who the parents are bringing their child to… so YOU should get the reward when we the center is full!

 4.     Got a kid that needs to come to the center? We have discounts for that too! Depending on the age of the child, you could save $25-$110 a WEEK on child care… that’s pretty big savings there!

 5.     Flexible hours, flexible scheduling, and all the other things you would expect in a child care center come standard.

Our pay ranges between $7.50 - $15.00 an hour, depending on your experience and how you can benefit us (Can you teach music lessons? Art lessons? Spanish lessons? Make Sales Calls? Teach Curriculum? … ?)

BUT what you are getting is SO much more! Easily with the benefits you are adding several dollars to your per hour base!!

We are excited you are considering joining our team, we are always looking for staff that choose child care because they want to make a difference in the children’s lives – for us, it’s not about a paycheck, but how we can partner with our families to help them raise their children.

Raising a child right, well… you can’t put a price tag on that. But you can join us to Make a Difference in their lives!