part time programs 

Our part-time child care and daycare programs are the perfect solution for those families who work part-time, work irregular schedules, are concerned about getting their stay-at-home child into a quality rated program with a curriculum targeted for Kindergarten Readiness, or desire to establish a solid set of social and emotion skills, manners, play dates, and friendships for their child to enjoy. 

We are proud to offer you:




Three new part time programs beginning 2019-2020 School Year to choose from:

1 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

2 - Tuesday, Thursday 

3 - By the Day

Appletree Kids is where my children are loved for, cared for, and taught. I highly recommend you bring your child/children here. The staff here is awesome! They really do take the time and care for your child/children. My oldest child loves Appletree! She would rather stay at Appletree all her life, then “go to big kid school” she says. Thank you Ms. Yvette for having such a big impact (a good one) on my daughter! She absolutely loves you. I hear every day “well this is the way Ms. Yvette does it!” Thank you so much! I want to thank every employee that has helped, cared, and taught my children. Ms. Tisha and Ms. Kacie, Raylee absolutely loves y’all. I don’t know what I would do without y’all working there!! My children love y’all and love coming to see y’all! Also, Appeltree has cameras and it helps me. I miss them when they are not with me but I can always get online and watch them. That is awesome, I love it! I just want to thank everyone for helping not only my children, but also helping me.
Oh and Kids Too rocks! They have such a nice facility and they have an awesome staff! Absolutely love Appletree Kids and Kids Too.
— Samantha Jeffus, Mother of RayLee and ShayAnn