1. Live Streaming Webcasting Video in Every Classroom
We have state of the art webcasting systems with peanutbutterandjellytv.  PB&J TV is the foremost technologically advanced webcasting company in America! You will be able to view your child in the best quality live streaming video on the internet today! With PB&J, you can keep in touch with your child via technology that truly displays our curriculum, activity, exciting events, fun and games, and most of all, the education your child receives while at school. It will truly enable you to observe the intellectual development of your child during these vital years right before your eyes!

2. Delicious, Hot, Nutritious, Home Cooked Meals
Your child will be served a delicious, hot, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack along with smaller snacks served throughout the day. You will find healthy, home cooked meals developed by a dietitian to be low in cholesterol, carbohydrates, and starches. We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food program, ensuring that all our meals meet USDA approval for what is served and how much is served. Our children never go hungry!

3. Spacious and Separate Classrooms and Playgrounds 
Appletree Kids, Inc.'s locations were built to be child care centers, the facilities are not a retrofit of a retail space, a converted house or an exaggerated afterthought that is more flash than function. All of our classrooms are spacious and completely separated from the other classrooms. Our playgrounds are seperated by age group and are the largest in the area giving your child plenty room to run and play.

4. Curriculum and Learning Activities Developed for Each Child
Even though we primarily use Creative Curriculum in the classrooms, that is just a base for the really important stuff on top, which is personalized curriculum for each child enrolled based off of each child's current level of development. Your child will get their very own learning plan to ensure that they are 100% ready for Kindergarten, in fact, we even offer a Kindergarten Readiness Guarantee! 

5. Adventure Summer Day Camp
One of the most popular things we have been doing? Adventure Summer Day Camp for the school age children. They absolutely love it and you won't find it anywhere else but here! We take the normal "daycare" day and transform it into a camp-like routine for a whole new experience that is nothing short of ADVENTURE!

6. We have more than 117 years of combined experience
There is no substitute for experience, and Appletree Kids, Inc. has invested generations in fine-tuning the formula for success as a preschool and childcare center. We’re here to stay, with programs that are time-tested. 

7. Low turnover rate ensures consistency 
We've learned that continuity is key to comfort, security, and growth. Because we carefully screen our teacher and childcare applicants and offer a gratifying workplace, we maintain less than a 5% turnover rate. 

8. Our staff is skilled, trained, and loving 
The greatest asset of any child-centered group is its people, and we are proud of our exceptional team! We have taken special care to screen applicants, ensuring that they meet our high standards for teaching and caring for young children. In addition to being warm and compassionate, our staff is certified in both CPR and first aid. While the state requires only 50% to have this training, we think the health and safety of your child demands that everyone here knows first aid and CPR. 

9. We welcome parental involvement 
Parents and families are an integral part of Appletree Kids, Inc.. You can feel free to drop by at any time. If you want to see what your child is doing, you can either visit the play area or classroom, or watch the webcasting system to see uninterrupted activity. We also sponsor family-centered activities on our campus throughout the year and utilize a Parent Advisory Board to help make those important decisions regarding your child care center. 

10. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money 
No other preschool or childcare center in Sulphur offers this guarantee. But because we are confident of our quality, our 117 plus years of combined experience, and because we built our reputation on only happy families - if you're not completely satisfied after your first two weeks, we'll refund the tuition you paid. 


My son is in the infant class and I am always thrilled with the care he receives every day. The staff have been constantly accommodating and attentive and have gone above and beyond to care for Lucas in the same ways he is cared for at home. Definitely a 5-star facility in my book!
— Lindsay Halpin, Mother of Lucas

The purpose of AKI is to help children acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for school success.

The vision of AKI is to become the most loved, most enrolled, and most profitable child care centers in Calcasieu Parish.

AKI’s values begin and end with showing the children love, acceptance, and importance.

The mission of AKI is to support children’s need for love, acceptance, and importance by providing quality child care in a loving, fun, and safe environment that promotes social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.